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Bluetooth Bike Smart Lock

Bluetooth Bike Smart Lock - athleticassistgear.com

Bluetooth Bike Smart Lock

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Don't be a easy target for bike thieves?

Imagine the great workouts, great sceneries, and great memories you gain from riding your bike are all taken away because some jerk decides that they need your bike more than you do. I know it's infuriating to think about and let's face it our bikes are not only a large money investment but they are also a large time and experience investment. So let's make potential thieves think twice about trying stealing our bikes by protecting our bikes with the Bluetooth Bike Smart Lock.

Features include:


• Bluetooth smart control: this lock is controlled by the smart lock application that is downloadable for ios and android smartphones. You no longer have to worry about yourself or if you have kids losing the key to your bike lock. You can lock and unlock your bike in seconds directly from your phone.

• Unlock Memory: the last unlocked location time can be checked, also the unlock history can be checked by APP. You can share the unlock key on the smartphone app with family & friends. The Bluetooth Bike Smart Lock is also equipped with a Inner chip inside the lock which has a long battery life and takes low power consumption to charge.

 • USB Rechargeable: Charging time for the Bluetooth Bike Smart Lock is 30 minutes for a full charge. If the lock is fully charged without being used it will stay charged for about 1 year.

• Durable black heat treated steel: The Bluetooth Bike Smart Lock is made with strong high quality heat treated steel that will make it very hard for any one that tries to cut thru your lock to steal your bike so when a thief sees that you have the Bluetooth Bike Smart Lock they will want to go somewhere else to steal a bike.

• Double Lock Design: This lock is made with a double lock design which means if someone is trying to saw thru your lock they have to saw thru both sides because each side of the u lock is firmly locked in place. 

• Silicone cover: Our lock is designed with a waterproof silicone cover so that you don't have to worry about a water malfunction, it scratching up your bike or getting rusty.

Best application:
 All bicycles and E Bikes
• Motorcycles and Scooters
• Dirt bikes and ATV's
• Trailers
• Our lock works great for gates as well




Not satisfied with your order? No worries! Let us know within 30 days and we will give you a stress-free refund.  The Bluetooth Bike Smart Lock is also covered by a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This limited warranty covers the product for one-year from the date of purchase.

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Customers are our #1 priority and we will do everything we can to make sure you're satisfied. If you have any questions or concerns or simply want someone to talk to, don't hesitate to contact us at support@athleticassistgear.com

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