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Fight back against joint pain!

Fight back against  Joint Pain!

Your joints exist so that you can move effectively, and movement is essential to us. A compromised joint makes movement difficult or sometimes impossible depending on the severity of the damage and it is always associated with discomforting aches.

Your major joints are your elbows, your hips, your shoulders, and your knees. You also have several joints in your wrists, hands, and legs and complaints of pain are common in the knees because of their constant use. More so, if you’re an athlete, especially a sprinter, tennis player, cyclist, basketball player,  volleyball player, or bodybuilder, you’re likely to encounter this pain.

Sometimes, pain in the joints can be due to injury or disease and arthritis is a condition of the joints that cause chronic pain. Sprain of the ligaments that are attached to the bones at the joint can also lead to this pain.

Bones are hard and where they meet requires some cushion, and as we have it the structures that cushion bones at joints are cartilage and bursa. Disease or tearing these structures can also result in chronic pain.

How common is joint pain?

Joint pain is common at the knees, and at  the shoulder and hips in that order. As you get older, your risk of getting knee pain becomes especially higher because of frequent use so wear and tear of the supporting structures of the joint tend to cause pain.


Pain is what prompts people to seek medication; however, other signs can be evidence of infection or damage to tissues around the joint.

- Swelling around the joints, or they could be red, tender, and a little warm.

- You may present with pyrexia that is, fever due to inflammation.

- Injury or trauma to your knee

- Stiffness or immobility

- Cranky, or click sounds during movement

- Pain, especially chronic.

Traumatic injury to joint

Have you ever had an injury to your knee or elbow? Did you notice that it took a while to heal? The main reason why is people who injure their shoulders or elbows have these areas immobilized and that is to allow these areas to heal without interruption.

If you have sustained an injury to a major joint, keep the area immobilized for a few days, if you don’t, the continuous movement will disrupt the healing process, and you’d take a much longer time to heal, months instead of a couple of days.

One thing that influences healing in a body part is the blood supply to that region. Regions of the body like the face that has more blood supply that others heal faster. Joints are known for low blood supply, and this influences the rate at which they heal when there is a injury.

As an athlete, you can aggravate your joint pains, especially if you don’t use compression knee braces. Complete immobilization is advisable until the wound heals, though you might need to keep that joint moving after healing.

Spring support Knee Braces and ankle braces

Wear and tear occurs occasionally, and the body naturally should replace these cells with new ones. Some conditions you put your body through can increase the rate at which this wear and tear occurs.

If you sprint regularly or play basketball every day, you wear out the structures that cushion your joints more rapidly than you replace them. With time, the cartilage around your knees become reduced to the point that they are no longer effective in reducing friction and bones start  creasing on each other. At this point, there will be difficulty moving and pain will start a condition called osteoarthritis.

So, if you are not using knee compression sleeves already, not just any knee sleeves, the best knee sleeves that prevent the occurrence of chronic knee pain, or acl injury then you may be setting yourself up for some severe discomfort in the near future.

What you need to do now is get the best compression knee braces for support and fortification of your knees. It is also useful for you even if you do not participate in sports. The knee braces serve as support by absorbing the tension you create around your knees when you’re involved in any activity.

Using compression knee braces will make your knees feel more knee support and comfort. If you get what we’re saying take a look at some of the features of the compression joint support products which you can get @ http://athleticassistgear.com.

- Support design structure

The braces over your knee will relieve your knee of that extra stress and pressure during intense activities, especially when lifting weights. It doesn’t just help those who haven’t developed knee pain to prevent it but also those who already experience extra pressure on their knees when they’re active.

- Comfortable to wear

Soft, very soft so that you can wear them comfortably for long periods. They allow your knees to move freely and they stay in place so that you don’t have to adjust them all the time. It is soft on the skin yet, firm and stable.

- Compression Joint Support

You’ve seen these compression knee braces worn by athletes and sprinters, and you may have wondered why they use them. Funny, how you may even think that it’s for fashion. However, they have a compression design that helps to prevent strains on tendons and ligaments around the joints.


Knee pain doesn’t just disappear as you may expect that it should. It actually in some cases progresses and causes a lot of pain and immobility. However, compression knee braces will help absorb some shock for your knees, and if you already experience pain in your joints, then that’s just  the more reason you should try compression joint support products.

This message is for everyone, but more for you if you’re an active person, or a athlete. Please don’t allow joint pain to deprive you of what you love. Visit http://athleticassistgear.com to get the best compression joint support to deal with your pain.



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